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Available in USP or ASTM versions
Sound Proof Cabinet [Option]
Various Cylinders and Platforms Available


Low evaporation covers
Six Glass vessel,Paddles and Basket Shafts
Precision Motorized Telescopic Lift

Programmable dispensing volumes from 200-2000 ml
Validation and Calibration Reporting
Programmable deaeration time and temperature.


Complies with USP, IP Specifications
Print report of test results and validation
Registration time of Individual tablets

In-situ unit
Light weight


Meets USP, EUR, DAB pharmacopoeia
Dual Drum

Meets USP, EUR, DAB pharmacopoeia
Automated calculation of the % friability
Variable speed from 20 to 50 RPM


Comply with 21 CFR Part 11.
Connections to virtually all dissolution Baths
Data Acquisition, Calculations and Reporting

Complies with USP, IP specifications
Programmable Timer/ alarm & temperature controller
External probe for Temperature beaker validation


8 Station Syringe Sampler Pump for 8 Channel.
Sampling accuracy ± 0.1 ml
Dissolution Software

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