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NiComp 380 DLS Submicron Particle Sizer

The 380 is the only dynamic light scattering instrument designed using a modular approach. Its capabilities can be enhanced by adding one or more accessory modules.


NiComp 380 ZLS Zeta Potential Analyzer

The NiComp 380 Zeta Potential Analyzer measures the zeta potential in aqueous or organic samples. Knowledge on the interactions between particles can be useful in colloidal stability determination. The larger the zeta potential, the larger the repulsive forces between particles, the more stable a dispersion should be.

AccuSizer 780 AD Autodiluter Single Particle Optical Sizer

The AccuSizer 780 AD is the first fully automated, high resolution particle sizing instrument in its class. It uses the principle of light obscuration to count and size particles one at a time from 0.5 - 2500 microns. The 780 AD provides the true particle size distribution, clearly showing the details of the distribution that other technologies miss. Using a patented autodilution system it is no longer necessary to trade accuracy, sensitivity and resolution for speed.


AccuSizer 780 APS Automatic Particle Sizer

A system for testing opaque dispersions, like inks or high solid content systems such as paints or emulsions. This system can dilute a sample by a factor of 1 to 1000 and includes an automated mode for unattended measurements. Use it for filter testing or stability studies.

AccuSizer 780 SIS Syringe Injection Sampler

The 780 SIS is capable of delivering extremely accurate volumetric sample aliquots for both sizing and contamination monitoring applications, such as USP <788>. The 780 SIS is fully organic solvent compatible and can be used when solvent use must be kept to a minimum. A small footprint means that the 780 SIS can be used in a hood for insuring the cleanest environment.


AccuSizer 780 FX Focused Extinction

This systems is for testing CMP's and other clean slurries. There are no dilution capabilities, just a simple fluidics system for metering accurate volumes of sample through the sensor. It has an automated mode for unattended testing. Perfect for stability testing.


Archimedes is a completely new and superior approach to particle characterization using an ultra-high resolution mass sensor to weigh each particle, giving true submicron counting measurements of mass and size with excellent resolution, throughput, reproducibility, and accuracy.


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