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Sepax UHPLC Columns

Automatic Polarimeters

Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding optical rotation measurements for the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and research labs.


HP 100 Hand Held Polarimeter

The HP 100 is a leading-edge compact polarimeter designed to measure the optical activity of soluble substances.

Manual Polarimeters

The Sirius 151 Visual Polarimeter is a high precision, cost-effective Manual Polarimeter.


Automatic Saccharimeters

The DS series are designed to meet the specific measurement requirements of Sugar Technologists around the world.


Our DR6000 series of Refractometers measure refractive index with high precision, accuracy and reproducibility.



The 439L633P Manual Ellipsometer is an advanced optical instrument.


Polariscopes are designed for the observation and measurement of stress patterns in transparent materials.


Trace Metal Analyzer

The TEA 4000 Polarograph/Voltammeter System is an Automatic Trace Element Analyzer.


Quartz Rotation Standards

Our control plates are manufactured using highly stable Single Crystal Quartz.


Sample Temperature Controllers

These compact and stable (± 0.01C) controllers are invaluable for meeting the temperature requirements of USP specifications.

ASample Cells

Rudolph Instruments offers a comprehensive range of cells designed to provide optimum performance in Optical Rotation measurements.


Qualification (IQ/ OQ/ PQ)

Rudolph Instruments is able to help you qualify the DigiPol in compliance with cGLP requirements.

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